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A refinished bathtub in Kelowna

Bathtub Refinishing Kelowna

Perma Shine is your Kelowna Shurbond ® refinishing specialist. Using the Shurbond ® system your Bathtub, Tiles, Acrylic and Fiberglass Shower will retain its deep gloss shine and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Our innovative Bathtub, Tile, and Shower refinishing system will restore old Bathtubs, Tiles and Fiberglass and Acrylic Showers to a stunning " like new " condition in just one day!

In addition this one of a kind Bathtub, Tile, and Shower refinishing system is a far less expensive alternative to a complete Bathtub, Tile, and Shower replacement. When it is time to restore your bathroom trust Perma Shine, an industry leader for 14 years. One of our specialties in Kelowna is the hospitality industry where " down time " can translate into lost revenue. Typically we can return large blocks of rooms for use in just days.

Whether your fixtures are Fiberglass, Acrylic, Pressed Steel, Cast Iron, Vitreous China, or Cultured Marble we can handle the job. All inquiries are handled promptly and we will patiently answer all your questions concerning your Bath and Tile Refinishing and Reglazing project.

We can supply over 100 designer colors!

Caring for your newly Refinished Bathtub and Fixtures will be fast and easy. Simply wipe clean with any liquid cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge….instantly the glossy porcelain finish is back!

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newly refinished beige bathtub and sink newly refinished beige bathtub
styled bathtub fitted bathtub just refurbished
older style bathtub just refinished gorgeous refish with tile surround
just refinished with tile border bathtub refishish with gold faucets
beautiful refinished job on old style tub another older style refinished and re-tiled
Older style bathtub just refinished Another image of bathtub just refinished
free standing claw bathtube refurbished reglazed clawfoot tub
bathtub refished with green tile tub reglazed with black tile
Tub just refinished just refinished in almond shade
An antique cast iron bathtub just refinished Another image of the same antique cast iron bathtub just refinished
refinished using Shurbond a standard metal bathtub in Kelowna
Another bathtub in Kelowna that was refinished using Shurbond A step up bathtub completely refinished in Kelowna using Surebond
Standard bathtub refinished in Kelowna Yet another standard bathtub refinished with Surebond
newly reglazed and refinished bathtub and tiles refinished in Kelowna
kelowna bathtub refinished to match the rest of the bathroom older style bathtub refinished to look new again
a bathtub refinished and support rails installed your standard 1970's style bathtub brought into the new millenium
tile and surround work refinished using Surebond a beautiful antique bathtub refinished to look like new in Kelowna
a refinished bathtub with nice tile a standard metal bathtub reglazed in Kelowna
a refinished 1960's style bathtub a standard metal bathtub in Kelowna
bathtub refinished in white new style bathtub that needed serious refinishing work
a unique bathtub refinished in a high gloss black colour black refishing bathtub
yet another bathtub refinished to look brand new your classic 60's tub finished to look new again
nicely refinished seventies bathtub unusually shaped bathtub refinished
Another standard 70's style bathtub refinished in Kelowna a very unique round bathtub refinished to look new. Worth the work.
eighties bathtub refinished tub just refished
antique bathtub refinished classic clawfoot style bathtub refinished and sparkling new
this bathtub is like a brand new tub just reglazed