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Returned to Their Original Luster for a Fraction of the Cost of Replacement
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Perma Shine Bath offers many quality services for the Hospitality Industry !

We  offer  volume  discounts  to the Hospitality Industry.    Typically  we can return large numbers of rooms to full service  in a short time.  Consider the savings in downtime which translates into  hundreds of  dollars  of  savings in lost  revenue, not to mention  the  man power and lost time in cleaning up from  major renovations.  We  have  a  large  portfolio of customers  in  the  Hotel/Motel   business  who are thrilled they  decided  to  refinish  their  Baths & Tiles using the  amazing  Perma Shine  system. You will also love  our  invisible  Slip Guard protection for Tub  bottoms,  It is  quite  simply  the best  available and is a snap to clean even after years  of  use. !

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